Automate Website Testing

With a large number of different browsers platforms and mobile devices it is very important to make sure your website looks and behaves the way you want it to across all these different browsers.

Thanks to an open-sourced project called Selenium, it is very easy to create a test that is able to run across all these devices and platforms.

TestingBot.com provides you with instant access to hundreds of browser combinations and mobile devices. Write your automated test once and run it on our grid of real browsers and devices with the click of a button.

Once you've got a test for your website, you simply specify which browsers you want to run this test on and start the test script
To make it even more automated, you can have a Continuous Integration program like Jenkins run the test on regular intervals or when you push new code.

Automated testing is a great way to monitor your website for flaws and glitches. With our provided screenshots and video of every test, you can instantly spot any issue.

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