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TestingBot provides a cloud of browsers to run Automated, Live and Visual browser testing.


React Native Appium Testing

react native testing
React Native makes it easy to create mobile applications for both iOS and Android.
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macOS Catalina Automated Selenium Testing

macOS Catalina Testing

Today we're adding macOS Catalina (beta 3) to our Selenium grid.

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Launching Real Mobile Device Testing

Real Mobile Testing

We're happy to announce the launch of our Real Device Testing feature on TestingBot.

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Advanced WebDriver Testing: Intercepting and Mocking Network

We've added various new/custom WebDriver commands to our Chrome Browsers.


Frontend Performance Testing

Chrome Devtools

With the release of TestingBot's Performance Testing, you can now retrieve various performance metrics from Chrome during your Automated Tests.

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TestingBot and ScriptWorks integration: Codeless Automated Testing

ScriptWorks offers an online service making it easy to create automated tests without any coding knowledge.

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The New Selenium IDE

The popular Selenium IDE recently got a much anticipated update.
The Selenium IDE is an important feature in the Selenium ecosystem; it allows you to record and playback interactions in your browser.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Testing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the time of the year for many businesses, including e-commerce websites.

During this period, the number of visitors and customers for e-commerce websites increase significantly. It's important to make sure that every feature on your website, including the payment/checkout process, keeps functioning correctly.

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Testing with a Staging Environment - Continuous Deployment

In this article, we'd like to talk about how we at TestingBot make sure that new code that goes into production is tested thorougly.

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Automated and Live Testing in different Geographical Locations

We've added an option to our Live and Automated Testing platforms to specify from which country you'd like your test to run.

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