Updates and Announcements

Chrome 75

2019-06-11 19:02:51 UTC

Chrome 75 is now available for Automated and Live Testing.

Chrome 74 now Available

2019-04-25 11:06:37 UTC

We've added Chrome 74 to our Automated/Live Testing cloud.

Happy Testing!

iOS 12.2 Now Available

2019-04-03 08:05:22 UTC

iOS 12.2 is now available for Automated and Manual Testing.

Firefox 64 and Chrome 71

2018-12-12 11:07:49 UTC

Firefox 64 and Chrome 71 (together with Chromedriver 2.45) have been added to TestingBot.

Happy Testing!

Audio during Live Testing for Windows and Linux

2018-11-22 15:58:42 UTC

We've added Audio support for Live Testing with all our Windows and Linux platforms.

Chrome 70

2018-10-19 06:31:54 UTC

Chrome 70, together with ChromeDriver 2.43.0 has been added to our Automated, Live and Screenshot Testing.

Safari 12 on High Sierra

2018-10-10 11:25:07 UTC

We already added Safari 12 and dev on Mojave last week.
Now Safari 12 is also available on High Sierra.

Microsoft Edge 18

2018-10-10 11:24:33 UTC

Microsoft Edge 18 has been added. You can now use this new Browser version for Automated, Live and Screenshot testing!

Chrome 69 now available

2018-09-05 15:34:07 UTC

Chrome 69 is now available for Automated, Live and Visual Testing.

Happy Testing!

Android Emulators Updated

2018-08-11 09:31:46 UTC

We've updated our Android Emulators to the latest version + added swiftshader_indirect GPU software rendering to speed up the Emulators.

Happy Testing!