Updates and Announcements

Firefox 59 added to TestingBot

2018-03-13 15:33:12 UTC

Firefox 59 has been released today and has been added to TestingBot.
Use Firefox 59 for Manual, Automated and Screenshot testing.

Together with this update, we've also added GeckoDriver 0.20.0. This version will be used automatically with Firefox >= 57.

iOS 11.2

2018-02-19 14:56:31 UTC

iOS 11.2 is now available for Automated, Manual and Visual testing with our iOS emulators.

Firefox 58

2018-01-26 14:14:00 UTC

Firefox 58 has been added to our list of browsers we currently support.

You can now run Automated, Live and Screenshot tests on Firefox 58.

HAR performance metrics for Chrome

2017-11-22 10:48:44 UTC

We've added an extra 'Performance' tab on the test detail page for Chrome.
This tab will display a waterfall overview of the network requests made during the test, very similar to Chrome's Developer Tools Network overview.

For Chrome tests, we export a HAR file which contains data about each HTTP request made during the test, including; headers, status-code, timings, etc.

Firefox Quantum Testing

2017-11-14 15:30:21 UTC

Firefox Quantum (FF 57) was released today, which boasts a 2x faster browser engine!

We've added this new browser to our service. You can now run automated/live/screenshot tests against Firefox Quantum (FF 57).

Edge 16

2017-10-21 06:23:29 UTC

Today we've added Edge 16 to our list of available browsers.

Run Automated, Manual and Screenshot tests on Edge 16

Screenshot improvements

2017-10-20 12:06:50 UTC

We've recently improved our Screenshot service. Some of the changes:

Opera 47

2017-09-19 19:10:28 UTC

Today we've added Opera 47 to both Manual and Automated Browser testing. See our list of over 1000 browser combinations.

Chrome 61 & Firefox Headless

2017-09-13 14:30:53 UTC

Today we've added Chrome 61 for all platforms.

We've also added support for Firefox's upcoming Headless feature. You can already test this on Firefox "dev" on Windows:

desired_capabilities = { browserName: "firefox", version: "dev", platform: "WIN10", headless: true }


2017-08-04 12:33:00 UTC

Today we've added an option so that you can specify which MicrosoftWebDriver version you'd like to use for your Microsoft Edge automated testing. By default we'll use the most recent, stable version.

You can see a list of possible versions on https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/webdriver/

Currently for Edge 15 we're using version 15063. To specify a different version, add "edgeDriverVersion":"" to your desired capabilities.