Updates and Announcements

Edge 94 and Opera 79

2021-10-01 13:38:05 UTC

Today we've added Edge 94 and Opera 79 to the TestingBot browser grid. Enjoy!

Chrome 94

2021-09-24 13:07:13 UTC

Chrome 94 has been added. This latest version offers support for WebGPU and WebCodecs. Happy Testing!

iOS 15 (beta)

2021-09-17 18:22:11 UTC

Today we've added iOS 15 (beta) testing on physical iOS devices. Run your automated and manual tests on our new iPad (8th generation) device with iOS 15 beta installed.

Make sure your website works on the new mobile iOS safari running on iOS 15 - and test your native mobile apps on Apple's upcoming iOS 15.

Testing on beta configurations is a great way to make sure your website and mobile apps work on upcoming devices/operating systems before these hit the general public.

Firefox 92

2021-09-07 13:50:53 UTC

Firefox 92 has been released today and is immediately available on TestingBot for Automated and Manual browser testing. Enjoy!

Edge 93

2021-09-06 14:56:05 UTC

We've added Microsoft Edge's latest browser version to the TestingBot browser grid.

Start testing your websites on Microsoft Edge 93. Receive screenshots, logs and video of your tests.

Chrome 93

2021-09-03 08:45:55 UTC

Chrome 93 is now available for Automated (Selenium, Cypress, Puppeteer & Playwright) Testing and Manual Testing. Enjoy!

Firefox 90

2021-09-02 15:16:58 UTC

Firefox 90 is now available on TestingBot for Automated and Manual Testing.

Samsung A12

2021-09-02 15:16:55 UTC

Samsung A12 Physical Mobile Device now available for testing. Enjoy!

Xiaomi Mi 10

2021-09-02 15:16:52 UTC

We've added a new Android Physical Device: Xiaomi Mi 10 - available for Manual and Automated Testing!

Samsung Galaxy S21

2021-09-02 15:16:49 UTC

Samsung Galaxy S21 - Physical Device - has been added for Manual and Automated (App) Testing. Enjoy!