Easy Set Up

You will be running your first Selenium test on our Grid right after signing up.
We offer plugins and example code for all the popular programming languages.

When you first sign up, you receive 100 minutes of test time for free!
As soon as you run your first test, the result and screenshots of the test will be available in our member area.

easy testing

advanced test result reporting

Advanced Reporting

Our member area and API offer detailed statistics about your tests.

Whether you're looking for an overview of your tests or want to pin down a specific failed test, our advanced reporting tools will make your life easier.

Our reporting filter allows you to do a detailed search through all the tests you've run.

Cross Browser Testing

You are in control when running your tests. Run your tests on any of the many browsers we support and watch the result in several screenshots.

When running your tests, indicate which browsers you want to run the test on and we'll make sure you receive the results in the member area.

Our testing grid offers a lot of flavors: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, ... all in various versions, running on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux.

Currently our grid supports mobile Selenium testing with iPhone, iPad and Android testing.

cross browser testing


Whenever you run a test on our Selenium Grid, we will take multiple screenshots and a video of your test.

You can view these screenshots and video in the member area to verify the test has run correctly or to check why the test failed.

If you do not wish to take screenshots or a video, you can specify this setting in your test options.

We run your tests

In our TestLab you can add the tests and test suites which you want us to run.

Create a Selenium test with the Selenium IDE Addon and upload it to our TestLab. We will import your test and take care of running it for you.

You specify on which browsers you want the test to run, when we need to run it (and how much), and when we should alert you if a test fails.

We can alert you immediately or on a daily basis when your tests fail. You receive alerts on your phone through push notifications or SMS/text messages.

we run your selenium tests

selenium ssh tunnel


We built a custom Tunnel in Java which will create a secure and reliable connection between our test grid and your staging environment.

By using this secure tunnel, you can safely test your website straight from your staging environment.

Run tests on your local computer, on a computer in your LAN, on a server via VPN, ...

This feature is free for all our users, read more about it here.


We provide plugins for most major programming languages. This way you can start running your first test in no time.

All you need to do is download one of our plugins and use it in your testcase.

We provide plugins for PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, NodeJS and C#.

A Jenkins plugin is available which integrates TestingBot's features in Jenkins.

Selenium plugins

parallel testing

Parallel Testing

Run your tests in parallel across our cloud servers. We have unlimited machines ready for you in 90 seconds max, usually instantly.
You are not charged for boot times, we only charge real testing seconds.

Finish tests that usually take hours in matters of minutes by running multiple tests at the same time.

Detect problems faster by using our cloud infrastructure.

Most testing frameworks support parallel testing and work seamlessly with our Grid.


Selenium is the most popular framework to run automated tests against a website.

The project is open-source and backed by Google. It is actively maintained by a lot of experts.

We provide a grid of browsers which is 100% compatible with Selenium.

Selenium RC and Selenium WebDriver (Selenium 1 and Selenium 2) supported.

selenium testing

Also see our manual testing features.

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