Cross-Browser Testing

Test your website and app on 2700+ real browsers and mobile devices. Replace your internal Selenium grid with our cloud-based Selenium, Appium and Cypress Grid. Run tests with high concurrency on browsers and physical mobile devices. Release faster and improve developer productivity.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing Platform

The TestingBot cloud brings you the power to test your website and mobile app on +2700 browsers & devices. Let us take care of your testing infrastructure.
We maintain a cloud of Desktop and Mobile platforms for you to run tests on.

Automated Testing Platform
Automated Testing Platform

2700+ Combinations

Receive instant access to a grid of 2700+ browser combinations.

Test on various browsers, versions and operating systems, including: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, (Mobile) Safari, and many more. Running on real Windows, macOS and Linux machines.

Test Automation Frameworks

TestingBot offers full support for the most popular Test Automation Frameworks:

  • Selenium Testing

    Popular Browser Automation Framework, using WebDriver, which supports all major browsers.

  • Cypress Testing

    Javascript based E2E testing on Chrome and Firefox.

  • Appium Testing

    Mobile Automation Framework, using WebDriver, runs on physical devices and simulators/emulators.

  • Puppeteer Testing

    Chrome DevTools based Automation Framework by Google. Supports Chrome and Edge browsers.

  • Playwright Testing

    Similar to Puppeteer, built by Microsoft, with support for Chrome and Edge.

Automated Testing Platform

Test Frameworks

We provide test examples for Appium, Cypress, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, NodeJS, C# and many more. Integrate TestingBot into your CI system with our plugins for Jenkins, Travis, TeamCity and others. View documentation

Test Analytics

Our member area and API offer detailed analytics about your tests.

Whether you're looking for an overview of your tests or want to pin down a specific failed test, our advanced reporting tools will make your life easier.

Our analytics filter allows you to do a detailed search through all the tests you've run.

Use our API to make your own custom-tailored reports.

Test Analytics

Parallel Testing

Accelerate your test run time. Complete tests that usually take hours in a matter of minutes by running multiple tests simultaneously.

With TestingBot you can run 10, 50, or even hundreds of tests in parallel on our grid.

Parallel Testing
Easy Debugging

Local Testing

We built TestingBot Tunnel which creates a secure and reliable connection between our test cloud and your local network. With this Enterprise-grade secure tunnel, you can safely test your development and staging environments on TestingBot.

Local Testing


Testingbot integrates with various services, including these CI systems: Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Azure Devops, Travis CI, Circle CI and others.

See screenshots, a screen recording and various other data straight from inside these services.

We integrate with Slack too. Receive alerts with a video recording and screenshots inside your Slack channels with our Slack integration.

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