Product Updates

Stay up-to-date with TestingBot's latest product updates.


Chrome 117, Firefox 117, Microsoft Edge 117 and Opera 102

We are happy to announce that TestingBot now supports Chrome 117, Edge 117, Firefox 117 and Opera 102.

Test on the latest version of these popular browsers, with manual, automated and visual testing by TestingBot.


Maestro testing in the Cloud

TestingBot now supports running mobile tests with Maestro in the cloud. Run Maestro mobile tests on Android emulators and iOS Simulators. Simply upload your Maestro Flow files using the TestingBot API and TestingBot will run the Flow tests using Maestro on iOS and Android.

More information available in the Maestro documentation.


TestingBot Webhooks: Receive test results instantly

TestingBot now supports Webhooks.

Webhooks allow you to receive test results from all your tests, on a URL you've provided.

This allows you to instantly receive pass/failure states of your tests, without having to poll the TestingBot REST API.


Microsoft Edge Beta and Dev versions

TestingBot now provides up-to-date versions of Microsoft Edge Beta and Dev, on both macOS and Windows (10 and 11).

Make sure your website stays compatible with new Microsoft Edge versions. Run automated, visual and manual tests on beta versions and dev versions.

Below is a sample of the capabilities you can use in your automated tests:

const caps = {
  browserName: 'microsoftedge',
  platformName: 'WIN10',
  version: 'dev'

Chrome 116 and Microsoft Edge 116

Chrome 116 is now available, enjoy testing on Google Chrome's latest browser version! Find out more about Chrome 116 changes.

Additionally, we've added the latest version of Microsoft Edge (version 16).

Both new versions are now available for manual, automated and visual testing.


Free Online Tools by TestingBot

TestingBot now provides Free Online Tools, which you can use to augment your automated/manual tests.

Our free tools include:

with many more others to come in the future!


Serverless Browser Functions

TestingBot has added the possibility to run custom Javascript in the cloud, on real browsers.

You can now run serverless JS functions on a Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Opera browser in the TestingBot browser grid.

Next to running custom functions, you can also use a screenshot function, scrape function or PDF function.


Chrome 115, Microsoft Edge 115, Firefox 115, Opera 100

We've added support for the latest browser versions, available for manual, automated and visual testing:

  • Chrome 115
  • Microsoft Edge 115
  • Firefox 115
  • Opera 100

iOS 16.5 Real Device Testing

iOS 16.5 is now available for automated and manual testing on real iOS devices.

Test on Apple's latest iOS version. For a detailed list of changes, please see the iOS changelog.


Audio during Live Testing on Android Physical Devices (Android 11+)

We're excited to announce that we now provide the audio of the Android device during Live Testing, for Android 11 devices and higher.

TestingBot already supports audio during Live Testing on Desktop VMs and Android Emulators/iOS Simulators. With this new addition, you can hear the audio generated by the Android device during a manual testing session.


Safari Technology Preview and Safari Beta

Safari Technology Preview and Safari Beta

TestingBot now offers two variants of macOS Safari on both macOS Monterey and macOS Ventura:

  • Safari Technology Preview: this contains the upcoming changes that might get included in future Safari versions.
  • Safari Beta: the beta version of the upcoming Safari version that will be released

These two new versions allow you to make sure your website looks and behaves correctly on the upcoming version of Apple's popular internet browser Safari.

You can run both manual tests on these two new versions, or use automated tests with Selenium WebDriver.