Product Updates

Stay up-to-date with TestingBot's latest product updates.


Chrome 122 and Edge 122

Chrome's latest version, version 122, and Edge's latest version, also 122, are now available for automated, visual and manual testing!


Firefox 122 and Opera 106

Firefox 122 and Opera 106 are now available for automated and manual testing. Happy Testing!


Galaxy S24

Galaxy S24

Galaxy S24 real devices are now available on TestingBot! Run your automated, visual and manual tests on Samsung's latest flagship handhelds.

Galaxy S24 runs Android 14 and is a very popular device.

Start testing your website and mobile apps on Samsung S24.


Appium 2.4.1 and 2.3.0

TestingBot now supports the latest Appium version 2.4.1, as well as the previous version 2.3.0

Currently TestingBot supports these Appium versions:

  • 2.4.1
  • 2.3.0
  • 2.2.1
  • 2.2.0
  • 2.1.0
  • 2.0.0
  • 1.22.3

To learn more about the different Appium versions, please see the Appium changelog.


Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8 Real Android Device testing is now available on TestingBot!

Test your website and mobile apps on Google's Pixel 8, through manual and automated testing.

You can now test your Android apps on Android 14, using Live App Testing and Automated App Testing.


Visual Regression Testing

Visual Regression Testing

Today TestingBot has added Visual Regression Testing: automatically test the UI of your webpages for unintended changes.

You can choose to create a codeless Visual UI Test or Add Visual UI Testing to your existing test scripts.

Codeless Visual Testing

Add a URL that you want to monitor, select which browsers you want to use, schedule at which times the test should run and let us know how to alert you in case a difference a detected.

This type of testing allows you to quickly make sure your webpages are looking correctly at all times, without writing any code yourself.


Firefox 121

Firefox 121 is now available for testing. Please see an overview of what changed in the Firefox 121 Release Notes.


Firefox 120, Chrome 120, Microsoft Edge 120

TestingBot has added the latest browser versions for Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox:

  • Chrome 120
  • Firefox 120
  • Microsoft Edge 120

To learn more about the different browser versions available on TestingBot, please see the list of browsers that we provide for automated, manual and visual testing.


iOS 17.2 (beta) and iOS 17.0 Simulators available

We're happy to announce the addition of iOS Simulator 17.2 (beta) and iOS 17.0 Simulator.

These simulators are now available for Manual, Automated and Visual testing.


Cypress 13.3.3

Cypress 13.3.3 is now available on TestingBot!

Run your Cypress tests in the cloud, on multiple remote browsers with TestingBot.

More information available in the Cypress documentation.


Appium 2.2.1

TestingBot has added these new Appium versions available for testing on iOS simulators/Android emulators and physical iOS and Android devices.

  • 2.2.1
  • 2.2.0

See how to use these new Appium versions in our Appium documentation.