Mobile Emulators and Simulators

Parallel Testing with Emulators and Simulators.
Test your website and app on the latest iOS and Android simulators.

parallel testing

Parallel Testing

Test your website or app on several virtual devices in parallel. Drastically shorten your total test duration: run the same test on xx different virtual devices or run xx tests on the same virtual device, you decide.

All emulators and simulators are running on single-use virtual machines and containers in our cloud.

mobile app

Save Costs

Running tests on emulators is much cheaper than running tests on real mobile devices.
We've optimised the startup time and accuracy of our emulators, making them perfect for your mobile tests.

test your internal apps


All tests run on single-use emulators. When your test ends, the virtual device is destroyed. This way we guarantee your data privacy.

Connect with our emulators via a secure connection through our TestingBot Tunnel. Test your internal apps and websites via this secure TLS tunnel.

various devices

Test against various virtual devices

TestingBot provides the most recent iOS and Android versions to test on, as well as older versions.

After each test, we collect a screen recording, screenshots and log files of the emulator/simulator.

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