Online Testing on iPad Devices

Test your iOS mobile app or website on a wide range of physical iPad devices. We provide access to devices such as iPad 8th generation, iPad 6th generation and more iOS devices.

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Online iPad testing for websites and apps

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Test On Different iPads Online

  • Wide range of iPad devices

    Test your mobile apps and websites on physical iPads. Choose from a range of iPads, from iPad 6th generation to iPad 8th generation.

  • Real iPad Device Cloud

    No need to purchase and maintain your own iPad devices. Get instant access to physical iPad devices for manual and automated testing.

  • Secure and private

    TestingBot provides pristine iPad devices with the possibility of private iPad devices.

  • Real-time debugging

    Debug your websites & mobile apps. Access crash reports and logs to instantly fix bugs.

  • Tap, Swipe, Pinch & more

    Interact with a physical, iPad iOS device. Just like you would, while holding it in your hand. Tap, swipe, pinch and perform other gestures.

  • Test various network speeds

    Run iPad tests with different network speeds: choose between WiFi, 5G, 4G, Edge and more.

Superfast, live cross browser testing

Real iPad Devices for Testing

If you don't have an iPad device to test on, simply connect to a physical device in TestingBot's datacenter. You will get instant access to a physical iPad.

TestingBot provides iPads ranging from iPad 6th generation to iPad 8th generation.

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Geolocation Testing on iPads

Perform geolocation testing in various regions across the world. Test iPad Geo Targeting, Geo Blocking and Geo Localization in 10 countries, including Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Spain, China and more.

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Real Device Cloud

Responsive Testing On iPad

Choose between various iPad devices with different screen sizes to perform responsive testing. Rotate the device for landscape and portrait mode testing.

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Appium Cloud Automation

Automated iPad Testing with Appium

Use Appium to connect to our grid of physical iPads and run automated mobile tests against your website or mobile app.

  • Parallel Testing

    Run multiple Appium tests simultaneously, shortening your total Appium execution time.

  • Write your tests in any language

    Since Appium uses the WebDriver API, you can write your tests in any language and run on TestingBot.

  • Reliable Service

    Test on a reliable platform, with zero test flakiness. Ship your website and mobile app with confidence.

Local iPad Testing

Use our secure tunnel to quickly and easily test your staging website on any Safari browser version on iPad. Test your local website or staging environment on a physical iPad device. Modify DNS settings or install custom certificates with our Enterprise plans.

Online iPad testing for websites and apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Testing your iOS app on a variety of iPad devices is important before publishing to the App Store. TestingBot allows you to upload and test your app on a number of different iPads.

Choose between various iOS versions and screen resolutions, to make sure your mobile app works on all iPad devices.

Running an iOS simulator or iOS emulator is slow to start and use. Simulators are running a virtualized version of iOS and can not be compared to using iOS on a physical device. Physical devices have different chipsets and hardware.

Simulators do not mimic the exact performance of the iOS device they're simulating. Some apps and services are missing as well, for example the Schoolwork app (using Classkit). Simulators can not mimic exact device hardware configurations, which means battery consumption measurements for example can not be performed accurately.

iPads have a 30% global market share, it's important to make sure your website looks and behaves correctly on iPad.

Safari is the default browser on iPad, so you should test your website on mobile safari to make sure iPad users have a good experience. Test your website in portrait and landscape mode to make sure your website and apps work 100% correct on tablets.

TestingBot provides a grid of physical iPad devices, ready to run your manual and automated tests.

No need to purchase, setup and maintain your own collection of iPad devices. Rely on TestingBot for your iOS testing.

TestingBot provides access to unaltered iPads. These come straight from the store and are not jailbroken.

Run your tests on real mobile safari browsers, on physical iPad devices in our datacenter.

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