XCUITest Cloud for iOS Automation

Accelerate your XCUITesting capabilities with a remote iOS device grid. Upload your native iOS app (in Swift or Objective-C) and run XCUITests on hundreds of iPhone and iPad devices.

XCUITest Cloud for iOS Automation

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XCUITest Automation Cloud on Real iOS Devices

Test on real iPhones and iPads on the TestingBot cloud platform via XCUItest framework.

iOS Devices
iOS Devices Physical iOS devices
(iPhones and iPads)
CI/CD Integration
CI/CD Integration Integrate Apple's XCUI Testing
with your CI/CD
Test Reports
Test Reports Debug faster with screenshots,
video and test logs

XCUITest automation in the cloud

Scale your test execution with parallel XCUITest testing.

Replace your in-house Apple device lab with a cloud-based provider. TestingBot has 5 years of experience in running iOS tests on remote physical devices.

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Private Device Cloud

Private Device Cloud

With Private Device Cloud, we take care of setting up, configuring and maintaining devices, dedicated to your company only.

Choose your own devices and we'll make these devices available for you in our datacenter.

How does it work?

Prepare your app & tests

Create an .ipa file of your native iOS app, and a .zip file of your XCUI tests. Using XCode, with Swift or Objective-C. Test on multiple Apple hand held devices.

Upload app and tests

Upload your mobile app (in ipa format) and tests (.zip files) through the TestingBot REST API.

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Run XCUI Tests

Start the tests through an API call. The test results will appear in the TestingBot member area, together with a video, logs, viewport screenshots and other generated data. Use taps, swipe, zoom, scroll, or long press any element with XCUITest.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can run tests in parallel on multiple devices, drastically shortening the time it takes to run your entire test suite.

No more need for an in-house device lab containing various iOS devices with different screen sizes and iOS versions.

Take advantage of remote iOS devices, with various screen sizes and iOS versions. We do not provide jailbroken devices.

Depending on the CI/CD service you are using, you can add multiple steps to achieve this.

Create both an upload app step, to upload the files to TestingBot Storage.

Finally, trigger the test run with our API. You can use our API to retrieve a JUnit XML report file, compatible with your CI/CD result parser.

You can change the network speed, language and locale of the device, change the GeoIP location and more.

Test filters are also available. These allow you to control which tests will be executed from the test suite.

You can find the XCUITest results, together with video and logs in the member area.

Using the REST API, you can fetch the results from our own CI/CD as well.

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Ready to start XCUI Testing?

To get started, please see our XCUITest documentation.

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