Automated Visual UI Regression Testing

Find and fix visual problems with your webpages or mobile apps early on. Test on real browsers and physical mobile devices. Use TestingBot's codeless visual UI testing to receive alerts when a visual problem is detected on your website.

Automated Visual UI Regression Testing

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Codeless Visual UI Testing

Start testing your website for UI defects in minutes. Simply enter your URL and choose which browsers you want to test on. Define how often the test should run and how you want to be alerted.

When a visual change happened, you'll instantly receive an alert with a screenshot and a diff image highlighting what changed. Ensure the UI and UX of your webpages stay top-notch.

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Simplify UI testing

Simplify UI testing and increase UI coverage

Replace test assertions with a single visual snapshot. Cover areas that traditional functional testing can't, increase test coverage and QA confidence.

Capture screenshots and automatically compare these against their baseline images. With increased visual coverage, teams deploy code with increased confidence. Spot visual defects before they reach production.

Review and Approve Changes

You and your team can inspect the results of the visual tests and approve or deny specific visual changes. Compare with a slider between the baseline screenshot and the new screenshot, or inspect a diff image of the changes that occurred.

Change the pixel sensitive threshold, test on various screen resolutions. Find visual bugs in landscape/portrait mode on real Android/iOS devices.

Test Frameworks
  • Test Frameworks

    TestingBot's UI testing integrates with Selenium, Appium, Puppeteer and Playwright. Simply add a line of code to unlock automated regression testing to your existing tests.

  • No false positives

    TestingBot removes false positives triggered by ads, dynamic content or other causes. On real mobile devices, we ignore the statusbar.

  • Pixel Perfect Screenshots

    Take full-page, above the fold or chromeless screenshots of your website across hundreds of browsers and devices at once. Automatically compare with previous screenshots for easy regression testing.

Test Frameworks

Integrate TestingBot Visual UI testing in your existing test scripts. Start testing on real browsers and physical mobile devices by adding a couple of lines of code. Replace manual visual testing with automated visual testing. View documentation

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Frequently Asked Questions

TestingBot performs automated pixel-by-pixel comparisons between an image that you marked as correct and a new screenshot that was just taken. If the amount of different pixels exceeds the threshold, the test is considered as failed.

This can happen when you deploy a new version of your website that has an incorrect CSS styling, positioning or is missing from the page. Catch visual bugs before these cause harm to the UX of your webpages.

You can test for dimensions, positioning and styling with regular functional tests. The disadvantage is that it will soon become a huge burden of checkpoints in your code.

Instead of doing the visual checks in your code, it is much more efficient to take snapshots and compare these. The visual results are also much more easily interpreted by developers and QA.

Ideally you would run visual checks as part of your CI/CD pipeline. It could be run after each check-in of front-end code, making sure new code does not negatively impact your product.

Machine learning algorithms can be trained to discover visual differences. AI depends on trained data, so it may report false positives/negatives. It is not a Not a One-Size-Fits-All solution and often fails in comparison with exact pixel matching.

Snapshot Testing in the context of visual testing for UI on webpages, captures screenshots of the initial state of a webpage. It then compares them against subsequent renders. Tests are considered failed when one or more changes in visual appearance occur. This helps to ensure that UI elements remain consistent.

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