Live Mobile App Testing

Manually control a physical mobile device in our cloud and test your Mobile App. Upload your iOS or Android App and test on a Real Device, straight from your own browser.

Live Mobile App Testing

Test Published Apps & Dev Builds

Use our Real Mobile Devices to download and test your App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Or upload an .ipa or .apk build of your App and test on a real iPhone or Android phone or tablet.

Test Published Apps & Dev Builds
  • Test online on iPhone SE 2022
    iPhone SE 2022
    iOS 17.5
  • Test online on Galaxy A55
    Galaxy A55
    Android 14.0
  • Test online on Galaxy S24
    Galaxy S24
    Android 14.0
  • Test online on Pixel 8
    Pixel 8
    Android 14.0
  • Test online on iPhone 15
    iPhone 15
    iOS 17.5
  • Test online on iPad (8th generation)
    iPad (8th generation)
    iOS 14.7

Real Device Cloud

Run Manual tests on devices in our Public Cloud (devices are shared with other customers), or choose your own reserved devices in our Private Cloud.

Test on iPhones, iPads, Samsung and Nexus phones, on multiple versions of iOS and Android.

These are real devices, running without any modifications. TestingBot does not use jailbroken devices.

Take control of a Device

Take control of a Device

Control the device running in our datacenter, straight from your own browser.

Swipe or tap. Open native applications, modify the screen orientation or change the device's locale.

  • Change the device location (GPS)
  • Modify the system language of the device
  • Rotate the device, switch between Landscape and Portrait mode
mobile app inspector

Mobile Inspector

With our Mobile Inspector you can view the layout hierarchy of your Android and iOS app.

Find locators to use in your Automated Tests. TestingBot highlights the area in your layout while you go over the different elements in the layout hierarchy.

Easily locate XPath, XCUITest and Espresso locators which you can then use for Automated Testing.

Fix Bugs

Fix Bugs

Found a bug in your app? Take a screenshot of the device, share a screen-recording or start debugging immediately.

TestingBot provides live logs of the device. View stacktraces and exception messages live as you are testing.

Test Staged Websites

With our TestingBot Tunnel, you will be able to securily test apps connecting to your local network or staging environment.

Simply install the Tunnel, you and your team members will be able to run tests with the devices against your local staging environment or network.

Local Testing
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