Headless Testing

Accelerate your testing with Headless Testing.
Start testing early on in the pipeline and get instant feedback while developing.

headless testing for developers

Test Earlier

Headless tests run much faster than Selenium tests, while still running on a real browser. The difference is that in contrast with normal Selenium testing, Headless testing does not need to wait or interact with the browser UI.

Tests will start and complete much faster than regular Selenium tests.

This type of testing provides developers with fast success/fail data and is perfect for quick tests; sanity checks, pull requests, smoke tests...

test your internal apps

Secure Testing

With TestingBot Tunnel, you can run headless tests in a secure way against websites and apps on your private network.

Configure your tests to use TestingBot Tunnel to do headless testing against websites and apps that are still in development.

firefox and chrome headless testing

Real Browsers

Your tests run on real browsers (latest versions of Chrome and Firefox).
Headless testing is a complementary solution to our Cross Browser Testing offering, which is best for full end-to-end functional testing.

various devices

Screenshots and Logs

Retrieve screenshots and logs from your Headless tests.

Video recordings and other features are available with our Cross Browser Testing offering.

Ready to start Headless Testing?

Please see our headless testing documentation on how to get started.