Automated Mobile App Testing

Automated Testing for your Mobile App on real mobile devices.
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Real Devices

TestingBot provides real devices in a secure datacenter. These Android and iOS devices are configured to run your Automated and Manual tests. Simply point your tests to our Selenium Grid and run your mobile Web and App tests on the devices we provide.

We provide support for all the popular automation frameworks. Run your tests with Appium on real phones and tablets.

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Mobile App Testing

Run Automated tests against your native iOS and Android applications.
Simply upload your .ipa or .apk file to our TestingBot Storage and you can immediately use frameworks like Appium to run tests.

TestingBot automatically sets up the device for you at the start of a test.
You will receive a screen recording, screenshots, logs and other metadata of your test.

When your test finishes, the device is automatically and thoroughly cleaned before the next test starts.

Private Device Cloud

With our Private Device Cloud offering, we take care of setting up, configuring and maintaining devices, dedicated to you.

In contrast with our Public Device Cloud, these devices will only be used by you and your team.

Choose your own devices and we'll make these devices available for you in our datacenter.
Run Automated and Manual tests on your own iOS and Android devices.

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Test on various devices

We have a collection of the most popular devices, including some of the latest iPhone and Android devices.

Test on devices that matter, our mix of devices represents over 80% of the global device usage.

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