Cross Browser Testing

TestingBot provides easy cross browser testing in the cloud. Keeping your websites bug-free is mission critical, we provide a service to easily test your websites in different browsers, either automatically or manually, 24 hours a day.

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Manual Cross Browser Testing

Interactively test on any browser/OS straight from your browser. Unlimited minutes & users.

Automated Cross Browser Testing

Run tests automatically on different browsers in our cloud with Selenium and Appium! CI supported.

  • Live, Web-Based Browser Testing on real browsers! Control any browser in our cloud, interactively & fast from your browser, no installation required! Test on multiple versions of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Mobile.

    Test in over 500 real browser combinations including Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Microsoft Edge. See a complete list of browsers.

  • TestingBot offers Selenium testing for RC and WebDriver. We have examples to easily run your tests on our grid, available in any popular language and testing framework.

    See our examples on how to do Javascript Unit Testing with TestingBot.

  • Upload your Selenium IDE/RC tests and we'll run them when you want, on the browsers and platforms you require.

    Specify when and on which browsers your test needs to run. Our reporting and alerting will help you investigate test failures.

  • Run your tests against firewalled or local appĀ­liĀ­cations in a secure way with our Tunnel. No whitelisting IPs with this secure tunneling technology.

    Every test runs on a new, pristine & firewalled VM. After the test, the VM is destroyed, guaranteeing your privacy.

  • Run mobile tests on iPhone/iPad (iOS 7, 8, 9) and Android (JellyBean, KitKat, ...) simulators with Appium. With native and hybrid mobile testing you can test your app and website on mobile.
    Soon with real device testing support.

  • Keep your customers happy with a bug free website. Don't lose visitors and revenue. Test your site automatically or manually in our cloud!

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Our service offers cross browser testing on these browsers:

  • Icon checkmark green Chrome
  • Icon checkmark green Firefox
  • Icon checkmark green Internet Explorer
  • Icon checkmark green Safari
  • Icon checkmark green Edge
  • Icon checkmark green iPhone
  • Icon checkmark green Android
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