Appium Cloud Automation

Appium is an automation tool for testing mobile applications.
Run your mobile app automation tests on TestingBot's large grid of physical mobile devices and simulators.

Appium Cloud Automation

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Appium Automation Cloud

Connect your Appium tests with a reliable, scalable and high-performance device grid.
Run tests on real iOS and Android devices with Appium.
Easily scale from 1 to +100 simultaneous sessions with Appium.

  • Parallel Testing

    Run multiple Appium tests simultaneously, shortening your total Appium execution time.

  • Write your tests in any language

    Since Appium uses the WebDriver API, you can write your tests in any language and run on TestingBot.

  • Device Coverage

    Test on the devices that matter, representing a large share of global device usage.

Speed up your Appium Tests

Drastically speed up your Appium tests by running your tests in parallel. Reduce your overall test execution time by running tests simultaneously.

Replace your in-house Device Lab

Replace your in-house Device Lab

You no longer need to purchase, host and maintain iOS and Android devices. Run Appium tests on devices in the TestingBot Mobile Cloud, any time from anywhere.

Features of the TestingBot Appium Automation Platform

  • Real Devices

    Run your Appium tests on physical mobile devices, without maintaining your own in-house device lab.

  • Video, Logs and Test artifacts

    Each test on TestingBot comes with a video screencast of the device, logs and other generated artifacts.

  • Native App Features

    Test native apps, push notifications, in-app purchases, media files and apps from the PlayStore, AppStore and through TestFlight.

  • Geolocation Testing

    Run Appium tests with TestingBot's built-in geo-location testing feature. Choose from up to 20 regions around the globe.

  • TestingBot Tunnel

    Run Appium tests against websites in a secure environment, such as a private network, staging environment or local machine.

  • Gestures and Interactions

    Automate taps, swipes, scrolls and other interactions with Appium.

Appium Frameworks

TestingBot integrates with various test frameworks and services. Easily convert your existing Appium tests and connect with your favorite CI/CD.

Integrations with CI/CD services

TestingBot integrates with the most popular CI/CD services, including Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Circle CI, GitLab CI and more.

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