Puppeteer Cloud Automation

Connect your Puppeteer scripts to a cloud based browser grid.
Run Puppeteer tests on Chrome and Edge, in various operating systems.

Puppeteer Cloud Automation

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Online Puppeteer Browser Grid

Connect your Puppeteer scripts with an online browser grid, consisting of over 50 different browser, OS and version combinations. Run tests in headless or headful mode. Easily scale from 1 to +100 simultaneous sessions with Puppeteer.

  • Parallel Testing

    Run multiple Puppeteer tests simultaneously, shortening your total Puppeteer execution time.

  • CI/CD Integration

    Easily integrate Puppeteer with your CI/CD.

  • Beta and Dev

    Run your tests against up-to-date beta and dev builds.

  • Geo Location Testing

    Run Puppeteer scripts from various geographical locations.

Test Results

Test Results

Each test result comes with various meta-data; screenshots, logs and a video of the test session. Mark Puppeteer tests as passed or failed, retrieve test artifacts via our REST-API for easy integration in your CI/CD.

Modify Puppeteer sessions by specifying a custom screen-resolution, timezone, geo-location, browser startup flags and more.


Test Framework Integrations

TestingBot integrates with Puppeteer and popular test frameworks supporting Puppeteer, such as:

Record Puppeteer scripts with the Puppeteer Recorder. Run the recorded Puppeteer scripts on TestingBot's browser grid for maximum coverage.

Test Staged Websites

Use our secure tunnel to quickly and easily test your staging website on all browsers.

Test data and websites from behind your firewall on the TestingBot cloud.

Local Testing
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To get started, please see our Puppeteer Testing documentation.

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