Codeless Automation

Create automated tests in a fast and easy way.
Record your actions once, replay in 1800+ browsers and mobile devices.

codeless testing

Easily record your tests

Use the official Selenium IDE browser plugin to easily record your test flow from your own browser. Import the test and run the recorded test in parallel on over 1800+ browser and device combinations.

No programming knowledge required. Manual testers can record their test flows and easily create automated tests without writing a single line of code.

automated testing

Browsers and Devices

Run your imported test in parallel across hundreds of browsers, devices and OS combinations.
See videos, screenshots and logs of your test running on genuine browsers, iOS & Android emulators or physical iOS & Android mobile devices.

schedule tests

Schedule Tests

Schedule your tests to run on specific days and intervals.

Specify a cron format, indicate which days and hours you want to run your test in parallel on our browsers.

Alerting & Reporting

TestingBot will let you know when a test fails, together with details on why the test failed. Receive alerts via e-mail or text messaging. Schedule daily or weekly reports of your tests.

Ready to start Codeless Testing?

Please see our codeless testing documentation on how to get started.