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Customize the OS

Operating Systems

As we use a new VM for every test, you're free to customize the OS before every test run.

Supply scripts or programs that need to be run before your test starts, to customize each OS to your preference.

When the test finishes, your customizations are destroyed together with the VM.


At TestingBot we take security very serious. Below are some examples:

  • For every test you run, we spin up a brand new virtual machine (VM) that only runs for the duration of your test. Each test runs on a VM that's firewalled, only you can interact with the virtual machine.
  • Apply user policies to increase the security of your team accounts.
  • Provide options to completely disable logging and recording of tests for your privacy.
  • Many more ...
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Team Management

Add members to your team, define access policies, allocate virtual machines to sub-teams.
View usage reports for each team member, enforce 2FA for users, share TestingBot Tunnel connections with your team.

CI Integrations

Enterprises testing at large scale often use Continuous Integration servers to run and manage tests.

TestingBot provides plugins and examples for all major CI systems, including Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI and others.

Continuous Integration

Local Testing

TestingBot Tunnel provides a secure connection between the website, app, or data running on your local machine/network and the TestingBot virtual machines running your tests.

All traffic going through the tunnel is encrypted, very similar to a VPN connection.

automated testing

Share with Team Members


Easily share live manual tests: collaborate in real-time with team members to debug an issue.

Share automated test runs, videos & screenshots.

Invite team members to your group. Team members share the same subscription and can view test results from other team members.

Support & Service

Enjoy priority support, response time SLAs and on-call support.

We offer uptime SLAs, help debugging potential issues, provide IP whitelisting ranges and guarantee optimal service 24/7.

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