Performance Testing

Measure the performance of your websites and mobile apps.
Gain performance insight from your websites and apps.

Performance Testing

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performance testing

CPU, Memory and Network insights

Retrieve CPU, Memory and Network insights from each test you run on TestingBot.

TestingBot records all these metrics during your test. Once your test has finished, you can view these metrics in the TestingBot dashboard.

DevTools Integration

DevTools Integration

TestingBot provides seamless integration with Chrome Devtools.

Each test has access to performance metrics with TestingBot's extended debugging feature.
Retrieve metrics such as firstPaint, domContentLoaded, pageSize, ... Configure your tests to pass or fail when a metric goes above or below a limit set by you.

network monitoring

Network Monitoring

Inspect Network data: retrieve Request Headers and Responses from the browser.
Mock network responses, throttle network speed and more.

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