Browser Window: what is it?

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A browser window refers to the graphical user interface (GUI) component of a web browser. The window allows users to interact with and view web content (HTML).

It is the container that displays the content of a web page, including text, images, multimedia elements (images and videos) and other interactive features.

Each browser is capable of opening one or more browsers. When a user clicks a link on a webpage, and the target of the link tag (A tag) is set to "_blank", then the browser will open a new window.

A typical browser window include these components:

Address Bar or URL Bar

The address bar allows users to input or type the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a website they want to visit. It also serves as a search bar in modern browsers, enabling users to perform web searches directly.

Navigation Buttons

The navigation buttons allow users to navigate between previously visited pages, or reload the current page.

Most browsers have a back button, forward button and reload button.


Many modern browsers support tabbed browsing. This feature allows users to open multiple web pages within the same browser window. Each tab represents a separate webpage, which makes it easy to switch between them.


The toolbar typically contains various buttons and controls, including bookmarks, extensions, settings and other browser-related functionalities.

Status bar

The status bar is the bar located at the bottom of the browser window. It is used to display information about the current page's loading status, link destinations when hovering a link, or other relevant details.

The layout and features of browser windows may vary among different browser applications. Popular web browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera. These browsers are all available for automated, visual and manual testing on TestingBot.

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