TestingBot integrates with various third-party services and products.
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Bamboo Integration
TeamCity Integration
Slack Integration

Automation Framework

  • Selenium

    Run tests on our Selenium grid, over 2500 browser combinations.

  • Appium

    Run Appium tests on physical devices and simulators/emulators. Test native, hybrid and webapps concurrently.

  • Cypress

    Cypress Testing in the Cloud. Run Cypress tests on macOS and Windows 10.

  • Puppeteer

    Testing with Puppeteer in the cloud.

  • Playwright

    Testing with Playwright in the cloud.

Project Management

  • Slack

    Adds a Slack bot which will notify you when a test finishes, succeeds or fails.
    Adds custom commands to fetch test details and analytics.

  • Jira

    Create issues in Atlassian Jira with test meta-data and assets from TestingBot.


  • TeamCity

    TeamCity plugin for this build management/CI system created by Jetbrains.
    Integrate TestingBot inside TeamCity.

  • Jenkins

    Jenkins Plugin which integrates TestingBot in Jenkins CI. Pipeline + test asset/tunnel support.

  • Bamboo

    Bamboo Plugin to integrate TestingBot tests in Atlassian Bamboo.

  • Azure Devops

    Integrate TestingBot test details in Azure Devops (VSTS).

  • CircleCI

    Integrate TestingBot with CircleCI.

  • Bitbucket Pipelines

    Integrate TestingBot with Bitbucket Pipelines.

  • Gitlab

    Integrate TestingBot with GitLab.

  • Travis CI

    Integrate TestingBot with Travis CI.

  • GitHub Action

    Launch your TestingBot tests directly from GitHub Action workflows.

Record and Playback

  • Selenium IDE

    Record tests with the Selenium IDE browser extension.
    Import the tests in our TestLab and run on any browser/schedule.

  • Katalon Studio

    Record tests with Katalon Studio and run these on TestingBot.

  • Oxygen IDE

    Record and playback tests with Oxygen IDE.

App Distribution

  • Microsoft App Center

    Test your mobile apps, distributed using Microsoft App Center, on our Real Device Cloud.


  • Appium Desktop

    With Appium Desktop you can visualize and inspect all the different elements in your mobile app.
    Locate XPaths and element identifiers by selecting the elements in the live view.