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Scale your Cypress Tests with TestingBot. Functional and cross browser testing with Cypress on +40 browsers in the cloud.

Cypress Cloud Automation

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Cross-Browser testing with Cypress

Run Cypress tests on +40 browsers in the cloud. TestingBot provides Windows and macOS testing for Cypress on multiple browser versions.

Google Chrome 66 & above
Mozilla Firefox 60 & above
Microsoft Edge 80 & above

Accelerate Cypress Testing

Instantly add test capacity to your Cypress Testing. TestingBot provides the infrastructure and service to scale up your Cypress Browser testing.

Install the TestingBot Cypress CLI to run tests in parallel. Each test comes with a video and logs of the test for easy debugging.

$ testingbot-cypress-run --parallel 20

Get started in 5 minutes

How does it work?

Install the Runner

Install the TestingBot Cypress CLI to trigger tests and receive test results.

Configure the Runner

Configure the JSON file to specify the location of your Cypress test files and other additional options.

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Run Cypress Tests

Trigger the tests via the CLI runner. Your Cypress tests will run in parallel and appear in the TestingBot dashboard, with logs and a video.

Frequently Asked Questions

TestingBot provides, and maintains, the infrastructure to run Cypress tests in parallel on multiple browsers, versions and operating systems.

You no longer need to maintain, patch and upgrade virtual machines or docker images.
TestingBot offers high-scale parallelization with easy integration in your CI/CD pipeline.

All Cypress tests come with debug logs, screenshots and video.

Starting Cypress tests from your CI/CD is very similar to how you would run the tests from your local machine.

Install the TestingBot-Cypress CLI, provide the necessary configuration and your CI/CD server can run Cypress tests on TestingBot.

The built-in JUnit reporter in the TestingBot-Cypress CLI can show success and failure from inside your CI/CD pipeline.

TestingBot allows you to run Cypress tests on multiple browsers, including 40+ versions of Chrome, Edge and Firefox on Windows and macOS.

Specify the browser, version and OS in the testingbot.json file and start your tests.

The Cypress test results will appear in realtime through the TestingBot-Cypress CLI.

When the tests have finished, you can see the Cypress test results in the TestingBot dashboard, together with screenshots, logs and a video.

The TestingBot-Cypress CLI is the test runner that allows you to run automated Cypress tests on TestingBot.

To set up and configure the Cypress test runner, please see our documentation.

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Ready to start Cypress Testing?

To get started, please see our Cypress Testing documentation.

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