Private Real Device Cloud

Dedicated iOS and Android devices for you and your team. We provision the devices you want, customized to your needs.

own mobile devices

Your very own Mobile Devices

Choose your own iOS and Android devices. We will purchase these devices, install and configure them in our secure datacenter.
These devices will be only available to you, 24x7.

Private devices can be customised to your needs. Have us install specific profiles and apps, or change specific settings of the device. You decide.

carrier testing

Carrier Testing

We can equip your devices with a SIM card. This enables you to run tests with carrier connectivity.

This feature allows you to run testing scenarios that are not possible with Wi-Fi: text message from/to the device, dialing/receiving calls, ...

secure mobile devices

Secure Testing

With our Private Device Cloud, devices are only used by you. Even though TestingBot performs thorough cleaning of each public device, due to the complexity of mobile devices, we can not guarantee that all data is removed after a test on a public device.

With your own private devices, nobody else but you will run tests on the device.

You don't have to wait for someone else to finish using a public device.

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