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This generator escapes characters in HTML, allowing you to use HTML in other context such as in a pre tag. Characters such as < and > will be escaped.

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What are the benefits of using HTML Escape Online?

Escaping HTML characters is an essential practice in web development to ensure the security and integrity of web applications. When you escape HTML characters, you convert special characters into their respective HTML entities, preventing them from being interpreted as HTML code and avoiding potential security vulnerabilities. Here are the main benefits of escaping HTML characters:

  • Preventing Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks:

    XSS attacks occur when malicious code is injected into a web page and executed in the context of a user's browser. By escaping HTML characters, you prevent user input from being treated as code, effectively neutralizing XSS vulnerabilities.

  • Avoiding Broken Layouts:

    If unescaped HTML characters are inserted into a web page, they can disrupt the layout and structure of the page. Escaping characters prevents these rendering issues.

  • Safe Rendering of User Input:

    Escaping HTML characters allows developers to safely render user-generated content, such as comments or forum posts, without the risk of executing potentially harmful scripts.

How to escape HTML in JavaScript?

You can escape HTML in Javascript by replacing various characters from the input string, such as seen in the example below.

const escapeHtml = (unsafe) => {
  return unsafe.replaceAll('&', '&').replaceAll('<', '<'