Whitespace Remover

This tool will remove all the whitespace from the text you enter in the box below. Tabs, spaces, newlines will be removed. You will receive a spaceless string back.

Welcome to the online whitespace, tab and newline remover tool. This web-based tool is built to remove all spaces from an input.

The generator is simple to use. Simply enter the text (with spaces) in the textarea above, click the button and you will receive the same text back, but without any newlines, spaces or tabs.

Why should I strip whitespaces from a piece of text?

Automated tests often involve comparing actual program output or data with expected results. If your expected results contain extra whitespaces, tabs, or newlines, these inconsistencies can lead to test failures, even if the program's functionality is correct. Stripping whitespaces from expected results ensures that your tests are more precise and that they focus on functionality rather than formatting.

How can I strip whitespaces using Javascript?

You can use this oneliner Javascript code to remove all whitespaces, tabs and newlines from a string:

return input.replace(/\s/g, '')