Free Lorem Ipsum Generator

Welcome to the free online Lorem Ipsum Generator. This free tool generates random pieces of Lorem Ipsum text.

What is a Lorem Ipsum Generator?

A Lorem Ipsum generator is a tool which will generate random sentences or words. It is used when you need to type or enter text in an application or website, without it having to be real text.

Why do I need a Lorem Ipsum Generator?

You can use this generator to generate random pieces of text, which can be used during manual or automated testing. For example, when you need to fill in a form on a web-app, but you don't want to fill in real text (due to privacy reasons, or legal reasons).

What does Lorem Ipsum mean?

In both written and visual contexts, the expression "lorem ipsum" represents a placeholder text used to fill content gaps in documents. "Dolorem Ipsum", roughly translates to "pain itself" in Latin, serves as the linguistic origin of the "lorem ipsum" term.

How can I generate Random Lorem Ipsum text with Ruby?

The Faker gem on Ruby allows you to generate random pieces of text. Please see the example below on how to do this.

Faker::Lorem.paragraph(sentence_count: 20)