Free Random Address Generator

Use this free tool to generate random addresses for a specific country. You can use this in your automated or manual tests, for example to fill in a form.

Random Address Generator

What is a Random Address Generator?

A Random Address Generator will generate fake, randomly created postal addresses. These are not real addresses, they do not exist, which means they cannot be used in production applications.

Instead, these generated addresses are used for testing mobile applications or websites, which require the input of a valid looking postal address.

Why do I need an Address Generator?

You can use this generator to create valid looking, random postal addresses. Our address generator allows you to specify the country, after which the tool will generate a new (but fake) address.

During your manual or automated tests, you can use this to generate addresses which can be used for your tests. For example, with a form that requires a postal address.

How does this random address generator work?

We use an utility called Faker. This program will generate fake data, that looks like it's real data.

Under the hood, Faker will generate data such as random addresses. You can use this yourself with NodeJS and Ruby as well.

How do I generate a fake address with Faker and Ruby?

Once you've installed the Faker gem, you can simply call one function to generate an address. Please see the example below.