Free Testing for Open-Source Projects

We think it's important to support open-source projects. That's why TestingBot offers an Open-Source plan which is completely free and offers Unlimited Testing with 2 concurrent tests.

Sign up for an Open Source account

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Once logged in, you will be able to submit a request on this page to convert your account to an open-source account.

Browser/OS Combinations

Run your Automated tests on +3000 Browser/OS Combinations. Make sure your project works on all major browsers.

CI Testing

Using Travis-CI, Circle CI or any other Continuous Integration system to build and test your project?
It's easy to use TestingBot in combination with any CI system. Simply modify your tests to use TestingBot's Selenium grid.


With every test you have access to the video showing the test, screenshots and additional meta-data (log files).
We provide all these assets to make sure you can easily debug any potential problems during your tests.

Status Badges & Matrix

We provide status badges to display your test results on your project's website.
Together with status badges, we also offer a badge that displays on which browsers your test succeeded/failed: Browser Matrix.