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So you are looking to run Selenium tests on multiple browsers and want to find out more information on how to run these tests.

Since selenium is open-source you can just download and start your very own Selenium Grid. A Selenium Grid is a group of Selenium nodes that have one or multiple browsers to their disposal.

You could create your own virtual machines (VMs), each packed with the browsers you want to test on, set up a Selenium Grid and point your tests to the grid. However, that will require a lot of time and effort. Here is a list of things you would need to do

  • Download Windows, Linux ISOs and install the VMs
  • Set up their network configuration, install Java and Selenium.
  • Download and install the browsers you require
  • Install Selenium, make it automatically start on boot
  • Configure the grid to accept the nodes together with timeout settings and other settings.
  • Create a mechanism to automatically start and destroy VMs for each test, since you want pristine VMs for every single test run.
  • Install a screenshot program depending on the OS and platform, maybe even install a screen recorder.
  • Upload the screenshots so you can take a look at them
  • Keep your VMs up to date: install Windows updates, update your browser versions, install patches, ...
  • Debug flaky connections to the VMs, issues with browsers failing to start, ...

The list above demonstrates the basics that are required to run Selenium tests on different browsers.

You can trust on TestingBot to take care of all these tasks, so you can focus on writing tests and developing instead of maintaining a cluster of virtual machines.

For as low as $25/month you can benefit from our years of experience in Selenium testing.
Sign up now and run your first test on our grid in a matter of minutes.

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