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Automated Browser Extension Testing

Learn how to perform automated testing against browser extensions.

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The best Python Web Testing frameworks

A top 5 of the best Python Test Frameworks available for automated website testing.

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Cucumber testing with Selenium and IntelliJ or Eclipse

Find out how to run Cucumber tests with Selenium straight from your own IntelliJ or Eclipse IDE.

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Selenium & ElementClickInterceptedException

What is an ElementClickInterceptedException and how can you avoid it?

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Record tests with Playwright

Learn how to use a Playwright Recorder to easily record tests.

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Testing with React and Selenium

Learn how to run Selenium tests against a React based website.

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How to fix Flaky Tests

Learn about Flaky Tests: why they happen and how to fix these, with various examples.

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Test Automation with ChatGPT

An introduction into generating test scripts with ChatGPT's AI language model.

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Selenium and Generative AI

Generate realistic looking test data to be used with your Selenium Automated Tests.

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