We take security seriously

TestingBot takes great care of the privacy and security of your data. We take great pride in providing a secure platform service.

  • Star Level One certificate
  • GDPR ready
secure vms for testing

Single-Use VMs

For every test you run, we spin up a brand new virtual machine (VM) with the platform/browser/device you want to test on.

Every test runs on a pristine, freshly booted machine. Everything your test does on the VM is written to a RAM-disk (memory) through COW (Copy-On-Write).

At the end of your test, after we've collected screenshots, logs and video of the test, we instruct our hypervisor to fully erase the RAM-disk and the VM.



Every test runs on its own, firewalled, VM. TestingBot ensures only you can access the VM, all other traffic is blocked by enforcing a firewall for every VM you run.

VMs can only access the public internet. Or, in case you're running a TestingBot Tunnel, the content on your computer/network.


Test Assets

By default, we take screenshots and a video of your test, together with logging of various components (Selenium Logs, Chrome-Driver Logs, Firefox-Driver Logs, Console Logs, ...)

These assets are uploaded to our assets servers via SSL. Access to these assets is restricted: we create a signed URL for each asset. Each asset is only accessible via SSL for 30 minutes.

You can also disable any logging, screenshot-taking and video-recording. This way we will not record anything that happens during your test.

Team policies

Team Policies

Add colleagues to your team and enforce user policies as an account owner, such as:

  • Enforce 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) during login
  • Set user-account to read-only
  • Reset user credentials
  • Promote a user to Administrator level
  • Set the maximum number of simultaneous tests

As an owner or administrator, you can distribute the number of parallel tests your subscription is allowed to run between members of your team.

You can see an overview of any user's activity (test runs, logins, ...) and add/remove users to your team.

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