TestingBot vs competitors

There are quite a few companies offering automated cross browser testing.
So why would you choose TestingBot instead of an other company like SauceLabs, BrowserStack or Browserling?

TestingBot has been working on Cross Browser Testing since 2011. We've got a lot of experience in building, managing and optimizing a grid of browsers.
The two most important aspects where we shine are: security and performance.

Here is a list of features we offer that sets us apart from some of our competitors.

  • We guarantee every test runs on its own pristine virtual machine.
    Nobody has used it before you, nobody will use it after you.
    There are some competitors who re-use the same virtual machine and only do cleanups of the VM, but that means your data might be visible to the next person using the same virtual machine, or your test might be impacted by someone else testing before you.
    Every VM is firewalled, it runs totally isolated from everything else.
  • Our entire service is hosted in Europe. Which means lower latencies for people testing in Europe.
  • Security during testing: Each VM is firewalled so it can't access other VMs. Our tunneling solution, which allows testing of apps behind firewalls/on internal networks, uses a dedicated pristine VM for our customers.
    Some competitors use the same machine for several customers.
  • We only charge for the time your test actually runs, not while it's queuing/preparing a VM. This means you can run more tests for less money.
  • We run all virtual machines in our datacenter.
    This allows us to have control and knowledge of all aspects + provide a faster environment for all our VMs. Since we don't use a public cloud, we don't have to share resources with other people using the same public cloud server.
  • We don't charge for extra user-accounts sub-accounts or licenses.
    If you have a plan with 4 concurrent VMs, you can run the 4 tests at once and also have an unlimited amount of other tests queued.