Reasons to do automated testing

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A single piece of botched code in the wrong place can cost your company millions of dollars, and if it's not reported in good time, it can potentially break the back of your business.

Manually verifying whether your website is working correctly in all cases, across all technologies and browsers, entails more hours and hand-wringing than running automated testing software to achieve the same result.

The sheer number of operating systems and devices in use today means that automated testing is the only way to receive speedy and reliable test results.

Speed of Testing

Nothing on this green earth is made entirely out of benefits, and automated testing is no different. It takes time to set up your automated test cases. But once you've created your tests you generally don't need to update the tests as long as your app/website doesn't change significantly.

While writing tests, you will also notice that some parts of your test flows can be reused. This again will scratch a significant amount of time off your precious time.

Manual tests on the other hand cannot be reused. Every single action you do during manual testing needs to be repeated. 

Cost of Testing

Your initial investment in automation might come at a price, but as the years pass, you will be saving enormously in terms of manual testing. Once you've written an automated test, you can run the test whenever you want, how many times you want. It is much more cost efficient than manual testing.

Automation locates bugs much faster, which in turn protects you from a bad product experience or loss of revenue. This is particularly important if you're running an e-commerce site or if your company relies on online service orders. 

Automated tests don't always behave the same way as real users, though, so it’s possible that some problems might not be caught. That's where TestingBot's manual testing shines.
With our Manual Testing you can easily identify problems on any browser or device.

Analytics and the Internet of Things

We live in the age of Big Data, so you have the luxury of having analytics at hand to examine every return on investment. Testing software is no different. Your team can sign into TestingBot and analyse tests in great detail. This way, your team can continuously help improving your product.

Manual vs Automated Testing

Manual testing is better suited for exploratory, usability, and ad-hoc testing because there is rarely a specific approach that can be applied in all cases.

Automated testing validates that any fresh changes to your product have not created any new glitches. Any repetitive task can be simulated with automated testing. These days, no software organisation or large website owner would dream of conducting their product and site tests solely with manual testing.

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