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Why we built TestingBot

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Actually, there are more than 5 reasons why you should be using our service. We will list the top 5 reasons below, but if you want to discover what the other reasons are, please sign up.

Reason 1 : Keep your website pristine

Whenever you build a website, you want people to visit the website you've made.

You spent a lot of time and effort building your website: coding, designing the pages, architecting the flow, ... As soon as you start welcoming visitors to your website, you want their experience to be flawless. You can not afford bugs. Bugs will frustrate the visitor/consumer on your website. Making a visitor feel frustrated might make you lose a potential sale or get you bad word-of-mouth advertising.

With TestingBot, you can create simple tests to make sure your website does not suffer from bugs. By using Selenium and its easy to use Firefox plugin, you can easily decide which things need to be tested and how they need to be tested.

At TestingBot, we will run your tests every day at the interval you specify. Whenever we detect an error, we'll alert you so you can fix the bug. By using our cross browser testing service, you no longer have to worry about bugs on your live website.

Reason 2 : We've got you covered on all browsers

In our Selenium Grid, which is cloud based on Amazon's AWS, we host a cluster of all browsers and browser versions. Need to test on Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6 or Safari 5? We've got all of these running on our grid and ready for you to use.

By using Amazon's cloud, we can quickly scale on demand. If you need to run tests on 10 different browser versions then we've got you covered. We instantly boot up additional servers with the correct browsers and run your tests.

Reason 3 : TestingBot will run your tests fast

Our servers, grid and browsers are tuned for speed. We run the hub of our grid, which instructs its nodes, on a beefy machine in a local network. The network is optimised for fast transport, which means your test will run very fast in our grid. The OS (Windows 2008 and Windows 2003) are optimised for speed. We tuned it for performance by only running the basic services Windows requires. The browsers are tweaked for performance and speed by using registry edits and optimal settings.

Reason 4 : Our prices - They're the cheapest

We guarantee to offer the cheapest prices on the web. By using Amazon's cloud infrastructure, we can quickly scale up and down. This means that we can cut down on the costs of servers (nodes). When we no longer need a server, it is shut down to preserve costs.

These savings allow us to go below the market price and offer you the best solution at the cheapest price.

Reason 5 : Our Support - We are there for you

TestingBot provides an extensive support area with lots of documentation. Need help running your first test, trying to run a test in a specific programming language or want to see some example code? Take a look at our knowledge base or ask us a question in our Support forum.

If you are not yet a customer of TestingBot, we hope you'll consider joining us. Should you have questions or remarks about our service, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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