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Product Updates

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To keep up with the ever-changing world of software/development and testing, we keep on working to improve TestingBot and add new features. These last 2 months we've accomplished quite a few things:
  • add iOS 9.2 (currently beta) to our Selenium grid for automated/manual/screenshot testing
  • drastically sped up the creation of pristine tunnel VMs
  • released TestingBot tunnel v2 (java 8 only), with the new Jetty9 server embedded. This update speeds up local website testing
  • create a karma-testingbot-launcher for javascript unit testing
  • created libraries to use our API (nodeJS and python)
  • we now offer chrome/firefox dev and beta builds which always use the latest
  • offering chrome versions going back to version 35
  • improved stability and speed of our service
We've got quite some more exciting stuff in the pipeline!
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