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Selenium 3 Beta Testing with TestingBot


TestingBot provides an option for people who want to run their Selenium tests with the latest Selenium 3 beta versions!

Selenium 3 is currently still in beta, so bugs might appear when using this beta version to run tests with.

A short list of things that changed with Selenium 3:

  • Selenium RC is no longer included in the default package. TestingBot will provide an option to still run RC tests with Selenium 3 once it hits a stable release
  • Geckodriver is used by default for Firefox tests. When you run a test on TestingBot with version 47 or higher we already use Geckodriver for you
  • Overall bug fixes and speed improvements

How can I run my tests on TestingBot with Selenium 3?

If you like, we offer an option to run tests with Selenium 3 (beta 1 and beta 2). As with all beta software, bugs might appear that were not there with the current stable version.

You can specify selenium-version in the desired capabilities to use a different Selenium version. For example, for Selenium 3 you can specify either: 3.0.0-beta1 or 3.0.0-beta2

var webdriver = require('selenium-webdriver'),
    testingbotKey = "key",
    testingbotSecret = "secret",

driver = new webdriver.Builder().withCapabilities({
    'browserName': 'firefox',
    'platform': 'VISTA',
    'version': 'latest',
    'client_key': testingbotKey,
    'client_secret': testingbotSecret,
    'selenium-version' : '3.0.0-beta2'
  usingServer("http://" + testingbotKey + ":" + testingbotSecret +


driver.getTitle().then(function (title) {
    console.log("title is: " + title);


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