ASCII to Binary Converter

Use this free online generator to convert ASCII text to Binary Notation.

This online tool is built for developers and QA. It will replace existing Puppeteer syntax with Playwright syntax.

You can quickly convert your existing Puppeteer scripts to Playwright, without having to manually do the conversion yourself.

Why should I need to convert ASCII to binary?

Converting ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) to binary is necessary in certain contexts for various reasons:

  • Data Representation: Binary is the fundamental language of computers. Converting ASCII to binary allows computers to process and store textual data as a sequence of binary digits (ones and zeroes).
  • Data Transmission: When transmitting data over a network, binary is often used to represent characters, numbers, and other information.
  • Encryption and Encoding: In cryptographic operations and data encoding techniques, converting text to binary is a common step. Binary representations often enable various encryption algorithms and encoding methods to secure and transmit data more effectively.

How do I convert ASCII to binary manually?

You can manually convert ASCII to binary by using a conversion table or formula. For each character, you can find its decimal value. Once you have the decimal value, you can convert it binary.

How can I convert ASCII to binary with Javascript?

You can use the charCodeAt method to convert a character to its binary value:
const character = "a"
const binary = character.charCodeAt(0).toString(2)