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Playwright testing on Firefox and Webkit

TestingBot now supports running Playwright tests on remote TestingBot machines with the following new capabilities:

  • Firefox
  • WebKit

Please see the Playwright Test Examples for examples on how to run tests on these browsers.


Chrome 114, Firefox 114 & Microsoft Edge 114

TestingBot has added support for the latest browser versions:

  • Chrome 114
  • Firefox 114
  • Edge 114

These can be used for automated testing (with Selenium, Playwright, Puppeteer and Cypress), visual testing and manual testing.


Chrome 113, Firefox 113, Microsoft Edge 113 and Opera 98

We've added the latest versions for these browsers. Test on the latest browser versions on TestingBot: automated, manual and visual testing.

  • Chrome 113
  • Firefox 113
  • Microsoft Edge 113
  • Opera 98

Chrome 112, Firefox 112, Edge 112 and Opera 97

Today we've added new browser versions:

  • Chrome 112
  • Edge 112
  • Firefox 112
  • Opera 97

These browsers are now available for manual, automated and visual testing on TestingBot


Developer Tools with Manual Testing

Developer Tools with Manual Testing

We're excited to announce that all iOS Simulators (14+) and physical iPhone and iPad devices now have the ability to be used with Safari Developer Tools from inside the TestingBot Manual Testing section.

Run a manual session on a physical iOS device, or on a iOS simulator and debug your website with the same Safari Developer Tools that come with macOS.

To get started, start a manual iOS session and click DevTools. Safari Developer Tools will open, allowing you to inspect elements, retrieve network requests and debug Javascript files.

We've also updated our built-in Chrome DevTools feature, allowing you to use the Chrome Devtools on Android Emulators and Android Physical Devices


Cypress 12

Cypress 12

Cypress 12.5.1 is now available on TestingBot!

Run your Cypress tests on a remote browser grid with TestingBot.

We've also added the possibility to run your Cypress tests on our remote macOS Ventura VMs.

More information in our Cypress documentation.


Firefox 110, Chrome 110, Edge 110

We now support running automated and live tests on Firefox 110, Chrome 110 and Microsoft Edge 110.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Physical Device Testing

Samsung Galaxy S23 Physical Device Testing

Samsung Galaxy S23 Physical Device Testing is now available on TestingBot!

Run automated tests with Appium and Espresso on Galaxy S23 real devices. Or run a manual test with mouse and keyboard on a Galaxy S23 in our device farm.


Firefox 109, Chrome 109 and Microsoft Edge 109

We have added the latest browser versions (all 3 use version 109) for Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Enjoy!


Google Chrome 108 and Microsoft Edge 108

We have added Chrome 108 and Microsoft Edge 108 to our browser grid.

Happy Testing!


Appium 2 support

You can run Appium 2 tests now on our physical devices. Simply specify appiumVersion as a capability to use Appium 2.0.0-beta.44. More information available on Mobile Testing Options