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iOS 16 testing now available

iOS 16 testing now available

iOS 16 testing is now available on both iOS simulators and physical device.

iOS 16 introduces some exciting new features and enhancements.

Make sure your mobile app works and looks ok on Apple's latest iOS version and test your website on MobileSafari's latest version.


New Browser Versions Added!

We've added Chrome 105, Microsoft Edge 105, Opera 90 and Firefox 104 to the TestingBot browser grid.

Happy Testing!


iPhone 13 Physical Device

iPhone 13 Physical Device

iPhone 13 physical device testing is now available on TestingBot!
Perform manual and automated testing on Apple's latest iPhone 13 device.


Chrome 104, Edge 104 and Firefox 103

We have added the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox to the TestingBot grid. Happy Testing!


Android Espresso Testing

Android Espresso Testing

TestingBot now supports running automated mobile application tests on physical Android devices with Android Espresso.

If you are looking to run Espresso tests on a grid of different Android devices, please give our Android Espresso testing feature a try. Instantly run tests on a wide variety of high-end and low-end devices.

More documentation is available in the Android Espresso Documentation.


Now available: Firefox 102

Firefox 102 is now available on TestingBot for automated, manual and visual testing.

Find out what's new in Firefox 102.


Chrome 103 and Microsoft Edge 103

We have added Chrome's latest version 103 (changelog) to the platform, as well as Microsoft Edge's latest version: 103 (changelog).

Happy Testing!


Selenium 4.2.0

Selenium 4.2.0 was recently released and is now available for automated testing on TestingBot.

You can use selenium-version to indicate which Selenium version to use:

MutableCapabilities tbOpts = new MutableCapabilities();
tbOpts.setCapability("selenium-version", "3.11.0");

DesiredCapabilities caps = new DesiredCapabilities();
caps.setCapability("browserName", "chrome");
caps.setCapability("browserVersion", "latest-1");
caps.setCapability("platformName", "WIN10");
caps.setCapability("tb:options", tbOpts);

Microsoft Edge 102 & Firefox 101

Microsoft Edge 102 and Mozilla Firefox 101 have been added to the browser grid. Run your automated, visual and manual tests on Edge and Firefox's latest versions!


Cypress 10.0.0

Cypress 10.0.0

Cypress 10.0.0 is now available in the TestingBot Desktop Grid.

Run your Cypress tests with Cypress' newest version, 10.0.0 on remote browsers in the TestingBot cloud. More information available in our Cypress documentation.


Chrome 102 and Opera 87

Chrome's latest version, version 102 is now available for automated, manual and visual testing on TestingBot's desktop grid. See the list of Chrome changes to find out what changed.

Additionally, we have added Opera's latest version, 87, to the grid. Enjoy!