Product Updates

Stay up-to-date with TestingBot's latest product updates.


Safari 12 on High Sierra

We already added Safari 12 and dev on Mojave last week.
Now Safari 12 is also available on High Sierra.


Microsoft Edge 18

Microsoft Edge 18 has been added. You can now use this new Browser version for Automated, Live and Screenshot testing!


Chrome 69 now available

Chrome 69 is now available for Automated, Live and Visual Testing.

Happy Testing!


Android Emulators Updated

We've updated our Android Emulators to the latest version + added swiftshader_indirect GPU software rendering to speed up the Emulators.

Happy Testing!


macOS Mojave (Beta 5) now available for Testing

Since we believe it's important to test on platforms that are not yet available to the general public, we've made sure that you can run your Automated, Live and Screenshot tests on Apple's upcoming OSX release: macOS Mojave.


Chrome 68

Chrome 68 is now available for Automated, Live and Screenshot Testing. Enjoy!


Firefox 61

Firefox 61 is now available for Automated, Live and Screenshot Testing!


Chrome 67 now available

Chrome 67 has been added to our browser cloud.
You can now run Manual, Automated and Screenshot tests on Chrome 67.

Happy testing!


Firefox Quantum 60

Firefox Quantum 60 is now available for Automated, Live and Visual Testing.

Enjoy testing on Mozilla's latest Firefox!


Microsoft Edge 17

With the new Windows 10 update April 2018 (1803) comes an updated Microsoft Edge version, version 17.

This version is now available on TestingBot for Automated, Live and Visual Testing.

Changes in this new version include:

  • Mute tabs with a click
  • Automatically fill forms and credit card details
  • Better reading with annotations, grammar tools, and more
  • Clutter-free printing
  • Improved support for touchpad gestures
  • Offline web sites and push notifications
  • New features for Extensions
  • Better Performance

EOL Windows XP

Due to low usage of Windows XP testing, TestingBot will discontinue providing Windows XP for testing.

Please review your tests, and if necessary please change the desired capabilities of your tests to a newer platform (VISTA, WIN8, WIN8_1, WIN10, ...).