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Improved Selenium Performance

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After some more optimisations in our code and infrastructure we've now reached the point where the average simple test takes 9 seconds.

Compared with competitors, we're 2 to 3 times faster in running your test.

This means that you can run more tests in less time at testingbot.com

Here are some benchmarks with a simple test that starts an Internet Explorer browser (7) and verifies the title of google.

0.0496 tests/s, 0.0496 assertions/s.

real	0m22.299s
user	0m2.064s
sys	0m0.112s
0.12 tests/s, 0.12 assertions/s

real	0m8.833s
user	0m0.212s
sys	0m0.028s

We'll be experimenting with a quick-launch feature soon where we'll speed up the startup of a browser (the most time-consuming event during testing).

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