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TestingBot updates


It's been a busy week on TestingBot, here's what we did this week:

Updated our grid from Selenium 2.15 to 2.16, the changelog reads:

  • Issue 2985 fixed, Calling quit() on the IE Driver in a shutdown hook will kill the JVM.
  • Issue 2958 fixed, Selenium RC fails to close IE HTA after tests (mshta.exe doesn't get killed)

We added raw log support, so you can now download the raw log files from the Selenium grid.

For the time being we're redirecting all safari calls to safariproxy because safariproxy is much more stable.

We optimised captureEntirePageScreenshot and captureEntirePageScreenshotToString to support all browsers. The standard Selenium configuration only supports Internet Explorer and Firefox.

We introduced a sub-account feature, you can now add members from your team.

It is now possible to share test results with the public. Test results now come with an option to make results public or private. Default is private.

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