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Jenkins Plugin for Selenium Testing

TestingBot Jenkins Plugin
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We're happy to release our first TestingBot plugin for Jenkins. Jenkins is a CI (continuous integration) system which runs your tests, with lots of options and features.

This plugin allows Jenkins users to see a video and screenshots of every Selenium test run on the TestingBot, right from inside Jenkins.

Another feature of this plugin is that it's easy to run tests on your local network by using the plugin's tunnel feature. Before every test an SSH tunnel will be opened, providing a secure connection between your staging environment and our Selenium grid, allowing us to run Selenium tests against your staging code.

Starting today our plugin is available in the Jenkins Plugin Manager. Here's how you locate and install our plugin:

Click Manage Jenkins.

Choose Manage Plugins

Our plugin should be listed in the Available section, check the box next to our plugin and click Install.

Once installed, you will see two checkboxes in the Configure System page, fill in the API key and secret which you received in our member area.

Enable TestingBot test reports to see a video and screenshots of your test in Jenkins.

Now run your Selenium tests, for each Selenium test you can now see:

  • All the steps in your test
  • How long each step takes
  • A screenshot per step
  • A video of the entire test

Our Jenkins wiki page

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