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macOS Selenium Testing

Mac OS X Selenium testing. Webdriver and Selenium RC testing with Apple.
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We will make a lot of people happy with this announcement: today we start providing our customers with Mac OS X testing on-demand. Next to testing on Windows (2008/2003), Linux and Android we now finally provide testing on Apple's OS.

We provide a video and screenshots of your test running on OS X, just like we do with all the other platforms we support. An example in Ruby of running a test on the mac would be:

require "rubygems"
require 'testingbot' 
gem "selenium-client"
gem "selenium-webdriver"
require "selenium-webdriver" 
require "selenium/client"

caps = {
  :browserName => "firefox",
  :platform => "MAC"
urlhub = "http://key:secret@hub.testingbot.com:4444/wd/hub"
client = Selenium::WebDriver::Remote::Http::Default.new
client.timeout = 120

webdriver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :remote,:url => urlhub , :desired_capabilities => caps, :http_client => client
webdriver.navigate.to "http://www.testingbot.com/"
puts webdriver.title

The browsers we currently support on MAC are:

  • Firefox 11
  • Safari 5
  • Google Chrome

List of all browsers/OS versions we support: browsers

OS X testing is available in beta to our customers (excluding free trials). Enjoy!

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