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Appium testing on TestingBot: automated hybrid/native iOS testing.

appium test

With Appium on TestingBot you can now run WebDriver tests against hybrid and native iOS apps.

There's no need to do anything special to your iOS app, just supply an URL to the zipped version of the .ipa file in the desired capabilities and Appium will extract your app and run tests against it in an iOS Simulator.

Since Appium uses the WebDriver protocol, you are free to choose any programming language you want to run tests against it: PHP, Ruby, Java, .NET, NodeJS, Python, ... Because Appium uses Apple's UIAutomation, there's no need to recompile or modify your app to run tests against it.

Starting from today, all our customers can run Appium WebDriver tests against iPhone/iPad simulators in our cloud. Run iOS tests in parallel without having to worry about setup or maintenance.

You can find more info and an example video of an Appium test on our Appium page.

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