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TestingBot provides a cloud of browsers to run Automated, Live and Visual browser testing.

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High availability Selenium Grid


To keep our Selenium grid with over 500+ real browsers healthy, we use various tools and techniques to monitor and troubleshoot potential problems.
Since we're booting thousands of pristine VMs per day for you to run tests on, and since computers and networks sometimes act weird, this monitoring is essential for us to quickly fix issues and keep our grid of browsers healthy at all times.

TestingBot Status Updates

You can keep track of our status updates via Twitter: @testingbot_ops or on this status page: https://testingbot.statuspage.io/. On both channels, we will post about issues, maintenance updates and other status updates.


At TestingBot, we have several internal/external alerts and monitoring tools to help us with quickly troubleshooting any issues as they come up.

We're using tools like Munin, Grafana+InfluxDB, NewRelic and other custom inhouse-tools to monitor our Selenium Grid.

This way, we continue on improving our service availability for everyone utilizing our service.

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