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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Testing


Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the time of the year for many businesses, including e-commerce websites.

During this period, the number of visitors and customers for e-commerce websites increase significantly. It's important to make sure that every feature on your website, including the payment/checkout process, keeps functioning correctly.

That's where TestingBot can help. Using our service, you can make sure that:

  • Your website keeps functioning correctly, even if there are more visitors than usual on your website.
  • Keep testing the order, checkout and payment process of your website, to make sure you don't lose any payments due to errors on your website.

Multiple Visitor Testing

TestingBot supports running automated tests in parallel, which means you can run the same, or different tests concurrently.
For example: run the same test in 50 different browsers, at the same time.

This method of testing is a great way to make sure your website can handle the additional load of more people using your website.
By testing this in advance, you can add extra hardware capacity for your website, should this be necessary.

Test the Order, Checkout and Payment processes of your website

After you've done all the hard work to build your website, get people to your products and have them ready with your credit card, the last thing you'd want is for your payment process to be broken due to some bug.

With TestingBot, you can automatically test the entire flow by simulating real visitors buying a product from your website.

You could create a test that adds a product to your basket, fill in the checkout details, and then proceed to paying.

TestingBot can then run this test on a scheduled interval. This way you can make sure that your website is functioning correctly at all times.

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