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GeoIP, Localised testing in various countries with proxies.


With the most recent release of our TestingBot Tunnel, version 2.8, we now provide GeoIP/localized testing.

By utilising an external proxy service like Luminati.io or Wonderproxy.com you can now run both Automated and Live tests through proxies distributed across various countries in the world.

To get started, download our TestingBot tunnel and start it with these parameters:

java -jar testingbot-tunnel.jar --tunnel-identifier proxyTest --proxy proxyIp:proxyPort 
--proxy-userpwd proxyUsername:proxyPassword

Simply sign up with an external proxy service. These services will offer various proxies (proxyIp, proxyPort and credentials) in various countries.

Once the tunnel is active, you can start a new Live test session which will automatically use the proxy. For automated tests, simply pass the tunnelIdentifier desired capability to use the proxy.

You will now run tests from an IP address in the country you specified.

Why do GeoIP testing?

  • You want to test if your GDPR flow is correctly working (EU IPs)
  • Certain parts of your product are different in certain countries, or only available in certain countries.
  • Verify if your website is up and running in different countries.

More information is available on our GeoIP documentation page.

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