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macOS Big Sur Testing

Test on macOS Big Sur and Safari 14
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macOS Big Sur Preview 1

We have added Apple's upcoming OS to our list of platforms.

Apple announced this next new major macOS release in its latest WWDC keynote. The version number of the OS will be incremented from 10 to 11, the first time since the release of Mac OS X Public Beta in 2000.

macOS Big Sur will introduce a refresh of the user interface design. According to Apple this is the biggest change since the introduction of Mac OS X.

With this addition you'll be able to test your website both manually and automatically on the new Safari 14 version.

Why test on a Preview version?

Even though we only provide the Preview version, it gives a good indication of what the final public release will contain later this year.
By testing on this Preview version, you can make sure that your website looks and behaves correctly on Safari 14 when it will be released to the general public later this year.

Safari 14

The newest Safari version will come with performance improvements, enhanced privacy settings and a WebExtensions API.

Here's a list of the major changes in this new version:

  • Built-in webpage translation in several languages
  • Enhanced privacy features such as "Privacy Report"
  • Password monitoring; Safari will notify the user if their password has been compromised
  • Enhanced performance and power efficiency
  • Extension privacy management
  • WebExtensions API support
  • Page previews
  • Importing passwords from Chrome

Selenium testing on macOS Big Sur

We've added all Chrome and Firefox versions to Big Sur, together with Safari. You'll be able to run automated Selenium tests with ChromeDriver, Geckodriver and SafariDriver on this new operating system.

Simply point your test scripts to our Selenium endpoint and specify BIGSUR in your desired capabilities to run a test on our cloud.

You can change the resolution of the VM to test your website on several resolutions and receive a screen recording and screenshots of your test.

Test your WebExtension with Safari 14 to make sure it works correctly.

Take advantage of high concurrency testing and run your tests in parallel on macOS Big Sur Preview 1

What about macOS Catalina?

We have been offering macOS Catalina since its release and are now offering macOS Catalina 10.15.5, which includes Safari 13.

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