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macOS Sonoma Testing

Test on macOS Sonoma
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TestingBot now offers macOS Sonoma (14.0) beta testing in the cloud. Test your website on Apple's upcoming new macOS version, ahead of the public release, later in 2023.

macOS Sonoma comes with Safari's newest version, Safari 17. By testing now on Sonoma, you can make sure your website will look and function correctly on Safari 17, before it is rolled out to everyone.

Safari 17

You can now run manual tests on Safari 17, automated tests with Selenium on Safari 17 and visual tests on the upcoming Safari version with TestingBot.

Web apps

Safari 17 will now come with a Web App feature. Save any website as a self-contained app, which even appears in your macoS Dock.

This makes it more important than ever to make sure your website works well on Safari, as the same rendering engine will be used for web apps.

Safari Profiles

Set up separate browser session with Safari 17 Profiles. You can for example create a work profile and a personal profile.

Chrome and Firefox already support profiles and now Safari comes with profile support as well.

Private Browsing enhancements

Safari 17 comes with several new privacy related features:

  • Locked Private Browsing: this will detect when a private window is not used for some time. The window will lock and the contents will be hidden automatically.
  • Link tracking protection: trackers embedded in links will be removed automatically.
  • Extensions are turned off by default: you can still enable extensions by going to Safari > Settings > Extensions and selecting the extension in the left column of the browser.
  • macOS Sonoma on M1/M2 (ARM)

    TestingBot provides genuine macOS Sonoma instances, running on virtual ARM processors.

    With ARM support by Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari, your browser sessions on Sonoma will be blazingly fast.

    Graphics and Audio

    The macOS Sonoma instances running on TestingBot are optimised with CPU, RAM, paravirtualized graphics and audio.

    Test any website with fluid video and audio, on any resolution supported by Sonoma.

    Start Testing

    Ready to get started? Sign up to test on macOS Sonoma!

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